Resin Bound Driveway Specialists

Ainsley Asphalt are pleased to offer resin driveways. These attractive and highly durable surfaces are a great way to improve the look of external areas and are available in 18 varieties and colours of stone to create a beautiful, bespoke finish.

The driveways are laid using the customer’s own choice of stone, granite, flint or shingle and once cured they can withstand more impact and weight that most other types of driveway. The resin used to bond the stones is also resistant to the damage and staining caused by oil, petrol and most other chemical spills; as well as cracking due to extreme temperature fluctuations.

Due to their porous quality, resin driveways don’t require planning permission and they can be laid on top of most existing surfaces including concrete and tarmac.

Call today for a consultation and we will bring samples for you to view, with no obligation.