Resin Bound Gravel – the newest, and most attractive driveway option – find out the facts….

Resin Bound Gravel – the newest, and most attractive driveway option – find out the facts…

This new Resin surface option definitely has the looks. With endless colour and gravel options to choose from, what else do you need to know once you look beyond the kerb appeal?

Resin bound gravel is very resilient. Unlike resin bonded systems, it is made up of two types of aggregate, of different sizes, adding to its strength.

And it’s also green! As resin is fully SUD’s compliant, it enables water to drain naturally, without needing extra systems in place. An absolute favourite for driveways with occurring standing water after rainfall.

From downpours to icy conditions, resin bound surfaces are flexible, and can withstand all types of weather including heat, without the chance of cracking. This makes resin the most durable and will inevitably last a lot longer than tarmac and bloc paving, which crack under pressure and lose their appearance over time.

Couple all the benefits above with expert skills and you have yourself a beautiful surface.

However, beware of cheap resin quotations – the chances are, the team have not been trained by resin suppliers and experts. Ainsley Asphalt only uses the top standard sub base and substrate to begin the process right. Cost cutting will absolutely result in a sub standard outcome. Every aspect of the resin process has to come together to give the best results.

The resin should be carefully hand laid. The application is key.

After application, the surface should be allowed to settle. Avoid putting any heavy objects on the surface for the first few weeks, and look after it by not dragging anything over the surface.




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